Principal’s message


“ Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.”

Dear Parent,

I feel privileged to lead a vibrant school like Sree Sarada Vidyalaya, that strive to fulfill the students  educational and social development by providing a nurturing environment and a holistic approach. The parent- educator understanding is the secret of a childes optimum development. The parent is the child’s first role model whereas the teacher is the child’s first friend from whom they learn the social skills in addition to the academic learning. Good parent-educator relation drives the child to have a positive approach towards their school. Schools are the mainstays of formal education. It provides every child, a stable academic platform, but our aim is to go beyond this and consider the education holistically.



Sree Sarada Vidyalaya has faith in experiential learning. With our teaching learning process in the classrooms and the co-circular activities outside the classrooms, we aim to invigorate the mind and body of each and every child. We, as a team, are always prepared and ready to help your child be a part our family. Our prayer is that, our children bring beauty and grace to the world with their enlightened mind and soulful energy and live in harmony with nature.

Each child is unique and have their own passions and dreams. Let us be the breeze beneath their wings as their soar to achieve them. Our motto is to empower them to believe their abilities. We always focus on their social, emotional , physical ,intellectual and spiritual development and we assure to make them the masters of 21st century  skills ,to overcome the challenges faced by the global community.

I am sure that with the blessings of Jagadguru Sankaracharya, our students, along with our school, reach heights of excellence. Together we can create pioneer leaders and sensible citizens for the future.