Sree Sarada Vidyala believes that a school bus is an extension of a classroom and it is important that the school authorities give adequate attention to the discipline and well-being of the children in buses.To ensure that all our students can travel to and from school safely and comfortably, we provide transport for students as per the regulations of the local transport authority. It is with this purpose we as a responsible school ensure that Driver and Lady Attendants are there in every bus. Weown 21 well equipped buses for the convenient transportation of our students to their school and home. The school provides bus facility for students from all major points in and around the city.  All the buses reach in institute by 8.15 am and leave school premises at 3.15pm. We place the safety and responsibility of the children as our highest priority. We value the parents’ trust in our service and endeavor to provide the highest standards of care. Student should obtain a School Boarding Pass in advance to board the bus. We listen to the parents.

Our buses are equipped with GPS tracking devices along with speed governors. These devices enable live tracking of vehicles and student’s movements on real time basis. This is done to maintain high level of safety for students inside the buses. Our support staff who manages the buses, in the capacity of conductors, will ensure the care of students, and also maintain discipline.